Mini Pouch Advantages

  • Provides schools with the opportunity to make significant savings as a result of fewer rubbish collections and also reduces waste in general.
  • Encourages children to drink milk as the pouches are fun to use. They also come with a straw which makes them very easy and safe to dispense.
  • Massive Environmental benefits that can provide a basis for environmental study within the school curriculum.
  • Pouches come with a straw and are fun to use which encourages higher consumption.
  • The milk inside the pouch feels colder and therefore makes the milk taste fresher.
  • Image that links to the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign

What We Offer

Pouchpak offer a complete A-Z supply chain related to liquid packaging for milk, water, juice and other food products. In short we supply everything relating to packaging liquids in plastic pouches, from the Machines that pack the lquids to the Jugs that pour them.

We offer the following:

  • Form fill seal┬ámachinery, M3200 and M5200 available with custom built downstream solutions.
  • Intermediate packing stations.
  • End of line automation.
  • Printing and product recognition systems.
  • Service and routine maintenance contracts.
  • Complete technical support.
  • Clear, tinted, white and printed film.
  • Straws, labels, bags, crates and boxes.
  • Jugs in 1, 1.5 and 2 litre and also 2 pint sizes.

A Closer Look

  • Image of Branded Milk Pouches

    Several sizes of Pouches are available.
    Film can be clear, plain white or printed
    to present a strong branded image.

  • Image of the Jugs Pouchpak Offer

    We provide Jugs in many different sizes and
    styles. Our Jugs are designed to be washed
    and reused.

  • Image of the M3200 Vertical Form Fill Machine

    We offer custom built manufacturing solutions
    based around the M5200 and M3200 Vertical
    Form Fill Seal Machines.

  • Image Comparing Pouch Packaging to the Standard Carton

    We also supply a pouch and straw that
    is used in the School Mini Programme. This
    provides schools with Eco Friendly drinks.