Film & Jugs

We supply a wide variety of Jugs and Films to suit all requirements. Pouches range from 100ml to
2 Litre. Barrier and non-barrier film is available for special applications.

Multi-layer extrusion and up to ten colour printing offers a wide range of solutions to suit all your technical and brand requirements.

Sizes & Colour

Jugs are a vital component in the milk bag delivery process, they are sized according to the pouch size. We supply Jugs in a wide variety of colours (including transparent).

Amongst the sizes we offer:

  • One Litre.
  • One and a half litre.
  • Two litre.
  • Two pint.

Just some of the colours that
are available from Pouchpak.

Using the Jugs

Although some people find the idea of dispensing drinks from a plastic pouch a little strange at first, this is not a new idea. In Canada they have been packaging milk in plastic pouches for over three decades. Dispensing drinks from pouches really couldn’t be made any easier, you simply drop the pouch into the jug, snip off the corner and pour. We have illustrated the process below.