• Buying a bag of milk could soon become an everyday occurrence as a “revolutionary” eco-friendly milk container is introduced across the UK.
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  • Sainsbury's start to sell milk packaged in a recyclable plastic pouch.
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Pouchpak is the exclusive UK agent of Glopak / Hood Packaging Inc, a leading supplier of liquid packaging materials and machinery. Newly incorporated, the company is dedicated to providing the total solution policy which made it's principal such a force in the liquid packaging world. We provide films, machinery, maintenance and complete end of line automated solutions to a wide variety of milk, juice and water packaging requirements.

Form Fill Machine

Pouch Packaging Provides:

Care for the Planet!...

  • 75% Less Packaging than a 2 pint polybottle,
    (2 pint pouch).
  • 100% Recyclable material.
  • Less polybottles to dispose of in landfill.
  • The most environmentally efficient liquid
    packaging medium yet devised.

About 130,000 tonnes of plastic is
used in milk poly bottles
every year, the weight
saving by moving to
bags would equal
97,500 tonnes!.